Exams & Consultations


Veterinary Sick Pet & Wellness Exams:

Home check-ups, vaccines, and lab work, coordinated with your regular vet.

Sometimes taking your pet to the clinic is difficult, or stressful; you or your pet may have limited mobility, or you may just have such a menagerie that you can’t get them all into the car! While there are some veterinary services that require a visit to your fully staffed and equipped Veterinary Hospital, there are a number of procedures that I can perform in the comfort of your own home, sparing you and your pet the stress of a trip to the hospital.

There are many wonderful vets in the Bay area, and I can offer my services as a supplement to those of your usual vet -to get samples for follow-up tests, or to provide adjunctive services that they may not offer, like acupuncture and nutritional counseling on home-prepared diets.

Exotic Pet Medicine:

Home visits for check-ups, to assess your set-up, and for beak, nail, and wing trims.

I have many years of experience with reptiles and companion exotic pets. I am happy to review your home set-up, and to examine your pets in their usual environment, without the stress and hassle of taking them in to a clinic. For birds, I can offer in-home beak, nail and wing trims.
Physignathus cocincinus, female asian green water dragon Geochelone sulcata (African Spur Thigh Tortoise)

Nutritional Consultations:

Professional advice on commercial or home-prepared foods and supplements for fighting disease and maintaining optimal health.

I offer advice on nutrition, and if you live outside my work zones, I am more than happy to consult with you via the Internet or phone. I can give you my opinions on the best quality commercial foods currently available, or teach you how to make the healthiest home-prepared diets for your pet. I also use a wide variety of nutritional supplements (like the whole-food derived Standard Process products, Omega-3 EFAs, SAMe, CoQ10, Glucosamine, and more) both to optimize health and to ameliorate disease.

Chart Review:

Get a second opinion, or hear a more “integrative medicine” based perspective.

Want a second option, or just more advice and information? I can give you a more “holistic” perspective, and help you evaluate different treatment options. I can make recommendations on the best nutritional approach to your pet’s condition, as well as which nutritional supplements may help. I can even help you order the appropriate supplements to ensure you are getting the highest quality products, and can arrange shipment of hard-to-find items like the whole-food derived Standard Process products. If you live outside my work zones, I am more than happy to consult with you via the Internet or phone.