Veterinary Sick Pet & Wellness Exams:

Home check-ups, vaccines, and lab work, coordinated with your regular vet.

Sometimes taking your pet to the clinic is difficult, or stressful; you or your pet may have limited mobility, or you may just have such a menagerie that you can’t get them all into the car! While there are some veterinary services that require a visit to your fully staffed and equipped Veterinary Hospital, there are a number of procedures that I can perform in the comfort of your own home, sparing you and your pet the stress of a trip to the hospital.

There are many wonderful vets in the Bay area, and I can offer my services as a supplement to those of your usual vet -to get samples for follow-up tests, or to provide adjunctive services that they may not offer, like acupuncture and nutritional counseling on home-prepared diets.

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicince

Ancient Wisdom Melds with Modern Medicine to Promote Health and Vitality

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Acupuncture offers us another powerful tool to attain or regain health and vigor. I practice what is known as “Integrative Medicine,” using the diagnostic tools and techniques of cutting-edge modern medical science in conjunction with the ancient techniques of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. While acupuncture has been in use for thousands of years, it is by no means a throwback —hundreds of studies demonstrating its effectiveness are now being published each year, as modern science seeks to understand and quantify the pathways by which acupuncture works.

Click here for more information on how acupuncture can help.

Home Euthanasia

As a life filled with love is a precious gift, so too is a peaceful end….

It is never easy to say goodbye to your beloved companion.

Allow me to offer you the option of saying your farewells in the privacy of your own home, where you and your pet feel most comfortable and safe.

A gentle sedative ensures your pet is comfortable before the painless procedure.

You can choose to keep your pet for burial, or send them with me for cremation.
We can arrange to have their ashes returned to you, or to have them scattered.

Exotic Pet Medicine:

Home visits for check-ups, to assess your set-up, and for beak, nail, and wing trims.

I have many years of experience with reptiles and companion exotic pets. I am happy to review your home set-up, and to examine your pets in their usual environment, without the stress and hassle of taking them in to a clinic. For birds, I can offer in-home beak, nail and wing trims.

Nutritional Consultations:

Professional advice on commercial or home-prepared foods and supplements for fighting disease and maintaining optimal health.

I offer advice on nutrition, and if you live outside my work zones, I am more than happy to consult with you via the Internet or phone. I can give you my opinions on the best quality commercial foods currently available, or teach you how to make the healthiest home-prepared diets for your pet. I also use a wide variety of nutritional supplements (like the whole-food derived Standard Process products, Omega-3 EFAs, SAMe, CoQ10, Glucosamine, and more) both to optimize health and to ameliorate disease.

Chart Review:

Get a second opinion, or hear a more “integrative medicine” based perspective.

Want a second option, or just more advice and information? I can give you a more “holistic” perspective, and help you evaluate different treatment options. I can make recommendations on the best nutritional approach to your pet’s condition, as well as which nutritional supplements may help. I can even help you order the appropriate supplements to ensure you are getting the highest quality products, and can arrange shipment of hard-to-find items like the whole-food derived Standard Process products. If you live outside my work zones, I am more than happy to consult with you via the Internet or phone.